Greenway finalist in LAMP competition

Greenway finalist in LAMP competition

Greenway was a finalist in the international LAMP competition 2016 in the Emerging category, one of 132 submissions received from 27 countries.

The annual competition calls for lamp designs that interpret a theme, which in 2016 was ‘Cosmic’. Greenway, based on the form of Sydney’s lighthouses, responded to the brief as follows:

Supernovae stand out in the sky like cosmic beacons, which scientists use to measure distance in space. Lighthouses play a similar guiding function on earth, providing signals by which sailors can safely navigate and explore.

Lighthouses are the guiding inspiration for the Greenway family of lighting. Paying homage and reflecting the qualities of one of Australia’s oldest architectural landmarks, Macquarie Lighthouse, this collection draws on the attributes of Sydney’s lighthouses both formally and functionally. Customisable and interchangeable, the Greenway luminaires are available in a vast array of shapes and sizes, depending on the environment they will be illuminating – just like actual lighthouses, 

Employing the modular and flexible ideals of globeless LED technology, Greenway is a light fitting for the sustainably minded, and those who appreciate the sturdy and elegant qualities of brass and handblown glass.

The shortlist was announced September 2016, and the winners for all three categories in November. Shortlisted products were displayed at the LAMP 2016 event in Vancouver, Canada. Congratulations to the winners in the Established, Emerging and Student categories.