Kozminsky turns 165, Greenway pays homage

Kozminsky turns 165, Greenway pays homage

Kozminsky, renowned for exceptional antique and contemporary jewellery, celebrated their 165th anniversary with a design exhibition featuring limited edition Greenway luminaires.

The exhibition, curated by Emma Elizabeth as part of the Local Design project, saw the creation of seven 1/1 pieces from young Australian designers. Each of the pieces reflected the craftsmanship, history and quality of the jeweller, to evoke a memory or create a new memory in the making.

The limited-edition Greenway luminaires were finished in brushed pewter with a clear hand-blown glass diffuser as a response to Kozminsky’s exquisite antique jewellery collection.

All pieces were displayed as a window exibition in November in Kozminsky’s Bourke Street store in Melbourne.


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