Greenway LED lights inspired by Sydney’s Lighthouses

Greenway LED lights inspired by Sydney’s Lighthouses to launch at DEN Fair

At DEN fair in June, ADesignStudio will proudly present a new range of LED lighting called Greenway, as part of the ID x The Snap exhibition curated by Anne-Maree Sargeant.

In 1818 convict architect Francis Greenway conceived the Macquarie Light Station in Vaucluse (Australia’s oldest lighthouse which was later rebuilt in 1883), after which the convict was given his freedom by Governor Macquarie.

The Greenway family of lighting was created to pay homage and reflect the qualities of one of Australia’s oldest architectural and functional landmarks. This collection draws on both the aesthetic attributes of Sydney’s iconic lighthouses and the modular ideals of Alex Fitzpatrick’s globeless LED luminaires.

The luminaires are customisable and interchangeable and, just like Sydney’s lighthouses, in a vast array of shapes and sizes in brass and handblown glass depending on the environment they will be illuminating.

Greenway will be commercially released later this year, stay tuned for updates!

Den Fair takes place in Melbourne 2 – 4 June at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. Entry is free for registered design professionals.